Living and Working Abroad

TESOL teaching opens up a new world but that new world has many challenges.
Those challenges include getting a visa, questions about medical care, worries about transportation, recreation, food and clothing  - just to mention a few.
All of theses uncertainties can be overcome.

TESOL is the first step. Why?

Without work the rest of the worries never become an issue. Without an income, you won’t stay in any country long enough to worry about transportation, medical concerns and all the other challenges as well. And teaching English is about the only viable employment option for most Westerners living in TESOL targeted lands.

Regarding food, you know how to eat. As for clothes, you know what to wear. With respect to medicine and sickness, you know how to see a doctor and tell him where it hurts. As to transportation, you know how to hop on a bus, ride a bike and drive a car, and buy new shoes when the old ones wear out.

Teaching English? - You're in the wilderness and there is no manna.

But, with regard to teaching English – if you’re not properly certified and trained you're in the wilderness and there is no manna. You may think you know how to teach English because you can speak it. But this simply is not true. Owning a thoroughbred and racing it in the Kentucky Derby are two different things. You need to learn how to teach, and to do so in the most efficient, stress free way.

No anxiety. No preparation. No sweat.

As an example, an Oxbow alumnus recently walked into a university Oral English class with 23 Chinese students. He was a substitute teacher and had been given the wrong lesson plan. He simply opened the book, looked at the assigned chapter and started with Mirror Writing, Managed Chaos Reading, and Student Exchange Conversation. The 80 minute class flew by while he chatted with his assistant trainee. No anxiety. No preparation. No sweat. Why not? It's how he teaches every day – no preparation at all.


Three days with Oxbow.
Get it done now.
Eliminate the worry.

Oxbow TESOL Certification not only gives you a piece of paper but more importantly it gives you practical, actionable training. It teaches you how to teach with no class preparation and sometimes with no class plans - even though Oxbow provides those as well.

Take care of business. Get the work worry out of the way. Get an Oxbow TESOL certificate.

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