Oral English is King

Oxbow places emphasis on Oral Teaching Techniques. Why? Many TESOL teachers spend as much time preparing class material as they spend teaching the material. What could be a simple 15 hour a week job1 turns into a 30 hour a week grind.

Most TESOL teachers want to do more than simply teach foreigners English. They have other more important personal goals. Because teaching grammar, reading and writing is always more time consuming Oxbow emphasizes Oral English.2

“Leave the hard work for others.”

How? Using Oxbow’s trademark techniques you will be able to walk into a classroom and, without ever having seen the course book before, open it and immediately start teaching. Our simple techniques will show you how to keep students productively busy in an enriched learning environment as they teach and assist one another with minimal interference from you as you guide them.



Hanoi Vietnamese Water puppetry or Múa rối nước, which literally means ‘puppets that dance on water’, is a folkloric tradition that hails from the 11th century C.E. It originated in the villages of the Red River Delta - an area of northern Vietnam filled with rice paddies that flood annually. The water in the rice paddies was the original stage for Múa rối nước.

Toady the shows are performed in a waist-deep water and often indoors. Instead of strings that connect the puppets to wooden sticks above them Múa rối nước puppets are manipulated by wooden sticks connecting to the puppets under the water. As in normal puppetry the puppeteers are hidden behind a screen, unseen to the enthralled audience.<advertisement>


"Hanoi awaits you…TESOL pays the way."
Vietnam National Administration of Tourism


While they are busy speaking you can do what little preparation is necessary to organize the rest of the class period. When we say preparation we mean organizing the class period not the lesson material.3

The beauty of Oral English is that most schools use local English speaking teachers to teach grammar. Your job is to use Oxbow’s numerous ingenious techniques to keep students immersed in an intensive speaking environment where they use what they have learned in their other classes.

“Have more freedom to do what you want to do.”

When possible, emphasize on the first interview that Oral English is your specialty. Avoid getting involved in teaching grammar, reading and writing. Leave the hard work to others. You’ll put yourself in a better position to have more freedom and more spare time to do the things you moved abroad to do.

Simplify your life.
Let Oxbow show you how.


1. 10 to 15 hours a week is all most foreigners work teaching Oral English in China.

2. Oxbow does not ignore the basics – reading, writing, listening, pronunciation and grammar – we simply emphasize Oral English.

3. We also provide you with pre-prepared class plans for beginner, intermediate, advanced and university level Oral English so even less preparation time on your part is needed.



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