What people say about
Oxbow Training Courses and Books

“The best course I have ever attended!”
~ Carina M., English Teacher, Germany

“My confidence was boosted tenfold.”
~ Dalia R., Independent Language Instructor, Canada

“The Oxbow Course was Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!”
~ Stephanie O., English Tutor, France

“I was afraid of teaching English. I will not be afraid now.”
~ Xinyi X., Teacher of English, Japan

“It’s boosted my self confidence to ask for more money.”
~ Emilie D., French and English Professor, France

“I will recommend this course to all my friends.”
~ Carina N., Tutor, Germany

“The Instructor was excellent!”
~ Victor D., Education Professional, USA

“It was worth three times what I paid.”
~ Lilogabrielle, H., French Language Instructor, France

“I used to be terrified to teach English. Now it will be easy.”
~ Sava S., Chinese Language Student and Instructor, USA

“I will have no fear of teaching English.”
Anne-Ruut C., Kindergarten Teacher, Finland

“One of my students was accepted to Tai Da University.
These teaching techniques were directly responsible for his success.”
Terry M., Teacher, Tutor, Taiwan

"English is not my mother tongue. So I am shy when I go into the classroom.
But I will not feel that way now."
C.N., Independent Educational Professional, Freiburg, Germany

“Fabulous. I will recommend this seminar to my friends!”
Kerry D., Australia

“I am so excited to practice what I have learned in the course!
I actually want to get a teaching job now!”
Gabbie R, Language Instructor in Yunnan China, USA

“I wish I had attended years ago!”
Alicia B., Educator, USA