What people say about
Oxbow Training Courses and Books

“The best course I have ever attended!”
~ Carina M., English Teacher, Germany

“My confidence was boosted tenfold.”
~ Dalia R., Independent Language Instructor, Canada

“The Oxbow Course was Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!”
~ Stephanie O., English Tutor, France

“I was afraid of teaching English. I will not be afraid now.”
~ Xinyi X., Teacher of English, Japan

“It’s boosted my self confidence to ask for more money.”
~ Emilie D., French and English Professor, France

“I will recommend this course to all my friends.”
~ Carina N., Tutor, Germany

“The Instructor was excellent!”
~ Victor D., Education Professional, USA

“It was worth three times what I paid.”
~ Lilogabrielle, H., French Language Instructor, France

“I used to be terrified to teach English. Now it will be easy.”
~ Sava S., Chinese Language Student and Instructor, USA

“I will have no fear of teaching English.”
-- Anne-Ruut C., Kindergarten Teacher, Finland

“One of my students was accepted to Tai Da University.
These teaching techniques were directly responsible for his success.”
-- Terry M., Teacher, Tutor, Taiwan

"English is not my mother tongue. So I am shy when I go into the classroom.
But I will not feel that way now."
-- C.N., Independent Educational Professional, Freiburg, Germany

“Fabulous. I will recommend this seminar to my friends!”
-- Kerry D., Australia

“I am so excited to practice what I have learned in the course!
I actually want to get a teaching job now!”
-- Gabbie R, Language Instructor in Yunnan China, USA

“I wish I had attended years ago!”
-- Alicia B., Educator, USA