Oxbow – Unrivaled Experience

Every TESOL course claims to be unique.
Don’t believe them unless they can say:

• We teach in foreign countries and know what we are talking about because we actually do it.
• We speak numerous foreign languages – not just English – which gives us real insight into teaching.
• We know what your students really need – because we are students ourselves – and we provide it.
• We’ve walked out of numerous useless language schools –  right in the middle of class.
• We’ve have had terrible textbooks, dreadful teachers and inept tutors.
• We’ve taught ourselves numerous languages – even category 4 languages like Chinese – which gives us real insight into how to study and learn a foreign language.

• We know what you need because we need it ourselves.
• We actively teach numerous languages – not just English – using the methods that we teach in our course.
• Our decades of TESOL teaching overseas have helped us design a practical, real-world curriculum.
• None of us are ensconced in ivory towers – we are not academic eggheads that propound our pet theories, write papers about them and then lecture about them to crowds of other eggheads.
• Although not eggheads we are researches:

The following institutions’ and individuals’solid research and
contributions laid the foundation for the methods in our course:

Jeffrey Karpicke, Director, The Memory and Cognition Lab, Purdue University
Paul Nation Professor in Applied Linguistics at the School of Linguistics and
Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Rossen Stoitchkov, St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Carmen L. Lamboy Ph.D, Fischler Graduate School of Education
Douglas Biber Ph.D, Professor, Northern Arizona University
Francine Steiglitz, School of Education, Boston University
Carolyn Harper Ph.D, Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. Paolo A. G. Sivilotti Ph.D, The Ohio State University
Tracy Love , Lewis Shapiro, San Diego State University
Dr. Michael A. Brookshaw, Department of English and
Foreign Languages, Winston-Salem State University
Janet Renou, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Mayagüez
Wendy M. Sleeth, Missouri Western State University
Christy Slavik Ph.D, Northern Michigan University
Lois A. Hirst Ph.D, Northern Michigan University
Randi Reppen Ph.D  Northern Arizona University
Cynthia M. Schuemann, Miami Dade College
Robert Waring, Author, Applied Linguistics
Harry Cotton, Canadian Institute of English
Felicia A. Smith, University of Notre Dame
Paul Pimsleur Ph.D, Columbia University
James B. Maas Ph.D, Cornell University
Arif Saricoban Hacettepe University
Cheryl Benz, Miami Dade College
Andy Carlsson, Linguistic Genius
Carol Orwig, University of Texas
Esen Metin Cankaya, University
San Diego State University
Illinois State University
Sierra Nevada College
Princeton University
Le Moyne College
Perdue University
Yale University
Linda Wong

Oxbow’s TESOL Course is based on the proven
principles of cognitive psychology,
kinesthetic techniques,
applied linguistics,
corpus linguistics,
and whole-brain
there is no
other course
like it on

Unlike other TESOL courses that focus on theory our curriculum is not theoretical. We will walk you through our methods and you will be guided by a certified and trained instructor. You will not fail.With our whole-brain teaching methodologies you will be able to walk into a classroom, completely unprepared, open the school’s coursebook, and instantly be able to teach.

Our Truly Unique TESOL syllabus reflects our combined experiences. We will pass this on to you.The achievement of Oxbow certified teachers from over 21 countries confirm that our methods are dynamic and successful.

Oxbow – we know what you need because we need it ourselves